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Welcome to http://jftp.sourceforge.net/

Hi all, and thanks to Sourceforge for hosting this.

This FTP server is not especially secure or safe, but then again, anything useful can be dangerous, so just be aware of what it does.

If you have a character-terminal application on some UNIX or other server, and want reports etc. sent to the user's PC (and opened there) instead of to a printer, this may be useful for you. But, if idiots inside your company are likely to use it to send infected MS documents to each other, then beware.

We (Kyndal Spirits, the company that pays for me to mess around with stuff like this) use this program for downloading reports from Progress systems on HP-UX (e.g. MFG/pro), and also for sending data files to a PC we use for EDI.

I have recently released the Python version. It (ftpd.py) has command-line options that make it more flexible and more useful:

  • --port port Choose the port number to listen on.
  • --hosts hostname,hostname... List of hosts that will be allowed to connect.
  • --once Only serve one session then quit.
  • --dir pathname Base directory (defaults to current directory)
  • --start Enables the SITE START feature
  • --allow .ext,.ext,... File types SITE START is allowed to open. (overrides default set of mostly safe extensions e.g. .txt,.rtf,.csv)
  • --allow-also .ext,.ext,... More file types SITE START is allowed to open. (Adds to default set instead of replacing it).

"But," you might say, "I don't have Python on all my users' PCs, nor will I install it there." This was my main obstacle to getting away from Java. However, I have provided an executable compiled with py2exe which is stand-alone. I've found this to be less hassle than setting up Java properly on each PC.

I am no longer maintaining FTPserver.java so the J in JFTP now stands for Jacqueline.

scav 21 Aug 2002

This site will be updated rarely, maybe once a year.

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